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An elastic bookmark offers a unique level of convenience and utility. At Literati "The Elastic" Bookmark, our bookmarks are different from the usual bookmarks in that they have a built-in elastic band, which allows them to stretch to most sizes without falling out. They also feature a clasp at each end for a stronger hold. Featuring gems, stones, or crosses, our bookmarks offer a wide range of personalization options and beauty you won't find in other bookmarks. Check out our inventory and order one for you or a friend today!


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About Us

Complete your book accessories by purchasing elastic bookmarks from Literati "The Elastic" Bookmark. Our bookmarks are more convenient and easier to use than regular ones. In addition, they make your reading time more enjoyable. Pick up on of our beautiful, durable bookmarks today and you'll never lose your place again. Our Dallas, Texas-based company sells high-quality bookmarks all over the United States that are great for your library, or to give to a friend. Our custom bookmarks have been around for more than 15 years, and we continue to provide the highest quality in literary accessories. Our customers agree — and they keep coming back for more. We appreciate the fact that they love our products, and that drives us to continue creating and improving on them. Choose from an endless range of stones and charms to customize your book and save your spot. We'll put them together and ensure they last.

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Wholesale clients can purchase a bulk order of Literati "The Elastic" Bookmark. There are special pricing options available for wholesale customers. Please contact us for more information. 


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